Market Modelling
CPG & FMGC Branding
Brand Valuation
Brand Architect
Brand Audit & Goodwill
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Brand Amortization

Brand Venture

Brand Capital

Brand Awareness

Brand Building

Brand Formula

Brand Strategy

Brand Synchronized Marketing
Brand Tactical Marketing
Brand Naming Convention

Brand Yoga

Brand Freedom

Brand Liberty

Brand Equality

Brand Partnership

Brand Amalgamation

Brand Mergers

Brand Nature

Brand Asthetics
Brand Talk
Brand Story
Brand Story Formulation
Fine Tuning of Brand Asthetics
Copy Writing
Creative Copy Writing
Visual Creative Formulation
Marketing Collateral
Creative Collateral
Panaroma Photography
Album Photography
Advertising Photography
Brand Literature
Brand Literary Reviews
Audio and Music
Brand Stocks
Brand Events
Brand Promise
Brand Category
Brand Pricing
Brand Usage
Brand Mileage
Brand Color and Shade
Brand Utility
Brand Ambassador
Brand Visualization
Brand ROI metrics with futuristic dashboards to interpret Market Trends
Brand Portfolio
Goodwill Capitalization in return to Capital Expenditure in Business Operation
Brand Share
Brand Equity
Brand Recall
Brand Earnings per Product Goodwil
Brand Aesthetics
Brand Positioning
Brand Activation
Brand Segmentation
Brand Armour
Brand Switching
Brand Image
Brand Costing and Arbitrage Pricing
Brand Attributes
Brand Leverage within the Portfolio Brands
Brand Loyalty
Brand Up-Sell
Brand Cross-Sell
Brand Logo
Brand Respect
Brand Identity
Brand Hypothesis
Brand Value
Brand Affinity
Brand Assurance
Brand Engagement
Art Work
Brand Lift
Brand Copyrights
Brand Assurance Tender
Brand Logo Formulation

Data, Technology & Customer Experiences

Brand Valuation

Economic Model
Profit Based Model
Market Determined Model
Goodwill Model
Cost Based Model

Market Modelling

Regression Analysis
Sales Marketing Spends Advertising
Sales Forecasting
Interpolation and Extrapolation
Yield Management
Cash Flow and Fund Flow Optimization
Logistic Regression
Customer Lifetime Value Forecasting
Perceptual Mapping
Customer and Market Segmentation

CPG And FMCG Branding

Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media
E-Commerce Development
Market Segmentation
BCG Matrix
Strategy for Recall, Promises and Loyalty
Customer Retention
Customer Acquisition and Brand Awareness
Brand Ventures and Media Tie-Up
Brand Positioning
Trademarks, Pattern, Design and Copyrights

Brand Architect

Brand Activation
Brand Segmentation
Brand Armour
Brand Awareness
Brand Identity
Brand Share
Brand Equity
Brand Recall
Brand Utility
Brand Image

Brand Audit

Brand Share
Brand Equity
Brand Recall
Brand Frequency
Brand Goodwill

Octane Finance Models

Treasury Finance
Cash Optimization
Minting Revenue
Funds Flow
Money Management
Liquid Brand Asset Management
Time Value of Money
Liquid Revenues
Yield Management
Divinity & Tranquility
Brand Insurance
Brand Value of Stock
Brand Goodwill
Crowd Sourcing of Advertisement Projects
Brand forex Currency Appreciation
Unit Work Bonuses
Actuarial Investment Services
Peer to Peer Bonuses
Discounted crowd sourced advertisements with surplus transfer of funds
Brand Bullion Liquidity